Ray Barrett (2 May 1927-8 September 2009[1]) played Bennett and Koquillion in the Doctor Who television story The Rescue. The Australian-born actor was a popular performer on UK television in the 1960s, appearing on many different programmes. Science fiction fans, however, will likely know him best for his voice acting work on several Gerry Anderson Supermarionation series: as Sam Shore on Stingray and as John Tracy, The Hood, and other characters on Thunderbirds.

According to an extra found on the DVD of The Rescue, Ray Barrett stated he was thrilled at being in the (at the time) highest rated serial based on viewing figures.

He later returned to Australia and continued acting; his final film appearance was in the 2008 epic film Australia.

He died of a brain haemorrhage on 8 September 2009. On the extra found on the DVD of The Rescue he jokingly stated that on his tombstone would be "Outrated the Daleks".

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