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Ravenous was an audio series released by Big Finish Productions, narratively following the events of Doom Coalition. It starred the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, and his companions Liv Chenka, played by Nicola Walker, and Helen Sinclair, played by Hattie Morahan.

First announced on 9 January 2018,[1] the series mainly dealt with the Ravenous, an ancient species which struck fear on the Time Lords. Despite the Ravenous being a common theme on all anthologies, producer David Richardson considered the series to be "somewhat looser in structure than Doom Coalition".[1]

Like on Doom Coalition, Mark Bonnar guest-starred as the Eleven, although he was no longer the series' main antagonist. In fact, in Ravenous 3, the Time Lord joined the TARDIS crew, allying himself with the Doctor once he realised that he couldn't defend himself from the Ravenous alone.


Ravenous 1[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 Their Finest Hour John Dorney Liv, Churchill 10 April 2018
1.2 How to Make a Killing in Time Travel Liv
1.3 World of Damnation Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, the Eleven, Kandyman
1.4 Sweet Salvation

Ravenous 2[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Escape from Kaldor Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, Kaldor androids 9 October 2018
2.2 Better Watch Out John Dorney Liv, Helen
2.3 Fairytale of Salzburg
2.4 Seizure Guy Adams Liv, Helen, the Eleven, Ravenous

Ravenous 3[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 Deeptime Frontier Matt Fitton Liv, Helen 9 April 2019
3.2 Companion Piece John Dorney Liv, Helen, River, Charley, Bliss, Jamie, Jo, Leela, Margaret, Romana II, Adric, the Nine
3.3 L.E.G.E.N.D. Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, the Eleven
3.4 The Odds Against John Dorney Liv, Helen, the Nine, the Eleven

Ravenous 4[]

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# Title Author Featuring Released
4.1 Whisper Matt Fitton Liv, Helen, the Eleven 9 October 2019
4.2 Planet of Dust Liv, Helen, the Eleven, the Decayed Master, Ravenous
4.3 Day of the Master John Dorney Liv, Helen, the Eleven, the Master, the War Master, Missy, Ravenous

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