Ravener was an acquaintance of Ellie Higson. He was intrigued as to why she wanted to join the Vampires again. Ellie asked him get a message to the Old One. (AUDIO: Picture This)

He later inquired as to Ellie's plans to kill Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot were coming on. He later reported to the Old One on this progress. (AUDIO: The Flickermen)

He was the head of Religious Studies at St Cecelia's School for Girls. He was trying to get close to Lucilla Fredericks in order to stop her bloodline and find more of her compatriots. He failed to kill her and the Old One ordered him to bring Jago and Litefoot to him. (AUDIO: School of Blood)

He met with Ellie when Jago and Litefoot followed Ellie. He then murdered a prostitute. At the Old One's lair, he was killed by Jago. (AUDIO: Warm Blood)

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