Ratner was a Special Agent of the Galactic Enforcement Agency who had been investigating the mysterious theft of jewellery from the wealthy audience of Fergus Antelect's shows. During one of Antelect's shows at the Galactic Royal Hotel, the Tenth Doctor used the telepathic abilities of Antelect's Ood, Ood Delta, to manipulate the minds of the audience into thinking he had confessed to the crimes. Ood Delta told Ratner that though it was true that Antelect had not committed theft through manipulating chronometers, he was guilty of thirty-seven counts of theft, ninety-two counts of misleading the public through illegal telepathic manipulation, and one hundred and thirteen counts of cruelty to a sentient life form — namely Ood Delta. Ood Delta projected memories of what actually happened at every one of Antelect's performances into the minds of the people in the room. The Doctor advised Ratner to check the security videos for the shows Antelect performed at, and Antelect was arrested. (PROSE: Disappearing Act)