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Rasmus was a Time Lord.


Captain Rasmus helped the Seventh Doctor, Cardinal Ollistra and Ace capture the Eleven by tricking him into a Matrix projection, (AUDIO: Dark Universe) unaware that this was part of Cardinal Padrac's plans. (AUDIO: Ship in a Bottle)

Rasmus, now an Under Cardinal, met the Eighth Doctor on the research station Deeptime Frontier. He had a TARDIS. (AUDIO: Deeptime Frontier)

By the beginning of the Time War, he was a General on the War Council. (AUDIO: Desperate Measures)

Later on, as a Cardinal, Rasmus recruited Susan Foreman to the War. (AUDIO: Prequel to Susan's War) He rescued Veklin and Susan from their jettisoned console room and sent her with to recruit the Sensorites. (AUDIO: Sphere of Influence)

He commended Veklin and Susan Foreman on there work on Florana and that he was using Monty's work as a propaganda film. (AUDIO: The Uncertain Shore)

He took Susan and Veklin to Oreseia to assess a new anti-Dalek weapon, the Orrovix. He tried to convince Susan that she needed to get over her naive view of the universe. He was present when they escaped. He was worried that he might be implicated when Rennis was discovered to be a traitor. He told Vibex that he might alter Susan's report so that the weapons could still be developed. (AUDIO: Assets of War)

When Susan returned from the Doctor's TARDIS, he told her that Rassilon was interested in her. (AUDIO: The Shoreditch Intervention)