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Commander Raraarg was the Talerian leader responsible for the attempted invasion of Earth. (PROSE: Apollo 23)

History Edit

After the Eleventh Doctor restores the Blanks to normal as well as the people possessed by Talerian consciousness's, Androparg contacts Commander Raraarg who brings a Talerian invasion force directly to Base Diana. Raraarg's force takes over the base and Raraarg orders Androparg to broadcast over the PA system that he wants the humans captured alive to be implanted with new Talerian minds as the first wave of their invasion force for Earth.

After the Doctor and Amy Pond are captured, Raraarg watches their meeting with Androparg and urges his subordinate to kill them and is amused with their claims that they will defeat the Talerians. After the Doctor gives Androparg tea, he offers the Talerians the chance to surrender and when they refuse, tells Raraarg that its a trap for the Talerians, not the humans. Raraarg turns on Androparg who reiterates all that he's done, but grows confused. The Doctor then reveals that he slipped the back-up of Professor Jackson, Androparg's human host, into the tea. Drinking the back-up destroys Androparg's mind and allows Jackson's consciousness to regain control of his body. Horrified at what he's been forced to do, Jackson attempts to use a Talerian gun to shoot out the window in his office. Raraarg throws Jackson against a wall, but he is able to retrieve his gun and shoot out the window, decompressing the room and all of Base Diana. The extreme pressure change causes Raraarg to rupture and explode, killing him with all of the Talerians throughout the base following. The Doctor and Amy are able to seal the breach and with the Talerians dead, dismantle Jackson's equipment so no more can continue where Androparg and Raraarg left off. (PROSE: Apollo 23)

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