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Rani Jhulka was from Hyderabad. Her father and mother did not approve of her fighting and always getting into trouble. When she was of age, she enlisted in the only all-female regiment of Hyderabad, the Amazon Guard. She was more skilled at arms than any male soldier and became Captain of Amazon Guard.

When the Nizam of Hyderabad decided to marry Khair-un-Nissa Kapoor, Rani was assigned to be her personal bodyguard. The two women were spending a lot of time together, fell in love and planned an escape. However, their plan was discovered, Rani was prevented from leaving Nizam's palace, and Khair was strangled by a Thuggee. When the Nizam learned about Khair's fate, he blamed Rani and sentenced her to death. But Rani escaped her own execution. From that moment on, she devoted herself to killing as many Thuggee as she could.

So it was that in 1825 she found herself sneaking into Fortress Scindia in the Madhya Province. There she stumbled into the Twelfth Doctor being attacked by Vikas Scindia in his Kaliratha form and saved him.

They found a necro-cloud harvesting the spirits of the dead, and then attacked by more of the demons. Before they could be overpowered, the TARDIS arrived, Priyanka Maratha having unintentionally activated the telepathic circuits.

Back in 2315, the Doctor, Priyanka and Rani found a final recorded message from Tiger Maratha made before his death, in which he explained he had collected three of the four mythic swords of the goddess Kali for the Scindia family and had a premonition of evil over the swords. The Doctor found the fourth sword and he and Priyanka and Rani brought it to Chandra Scindia, who revealed he had used Clara Oswald as a host for the resurrection of Kali. The Doctor managed to free Clara, while Rani killed Chandra. The Doctor, Clara, Rani and Priyanka then attended a festival in Mumbai. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

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