Pilot Officer Randolph Wright was Polly Wright's paternal uncle. Shot down over southern Vichy France, about a hundred miles from the Spanish border, he died in a Nazi prisoner of war camp in Germany during World War II. He was survived by his two older brothers, Charles and Polly's father Edward, and his mother. Edward honoured his younger brother's memory by telling Polly tales of her uncle after the war. Having been born in 1942, Polly was too young to remember her uncle.

In February 1944, Polly met a man whom she thought was her uncle but he turned out to be a Nazi agent who had tried to impersonate Randolph to infiltrate the French Resistance. (AUDIO: Resistance)

Polly once went to a séance where she made contact with Randolph's spirit. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • That Randolph's surname is mentioned in Resistance is significant. Polly's surname, by contrast, was never mentioned in performed Doctor Who up to this point. "Wright" had instead derived from the Gary Russell book, Invasion of the Cat-People.
  • Though John Sackville mostly portrays the false Randolph Wright, he does appear to portray the genuine Randolph as he gets shot down at the start of the play.
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