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Ramone was one of River Song's husbands.

Memories about his marriage were erased by River Song herself, because he had become annoying.

He teleported her from Hydroflax's flying saucer to Mendorax Dellora, where she snogged him passionately in front of the Doctor, who was disgusted by the sight.

He was lured into a dark alley by Nardole's head, which was being controlled by Hydroflax's robotic body. The robot then beheaded him and used his head as bait for River to open the TARDIS doors.

After the Doctor destroyed the onboard computer of Hydroflax's body, Ramone and Nardole gained control of the body. The two shared control of the body and worked as a waiter at Alphonse's restaurant in front of the Singing Towers of Darillium. When River arrived years after the crash of the Harmony and Redemption for her final date with the Doctor, Ramone greeted her and reassured her that Hydroflax's body was no longer a threat as the computer had been "deleted in a merger". (TV: The Husbands of River Song) He presumably became the sole owner of Hydroflax's body when the Doctor removed Nardole from it and rebuilt his original body. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Several characters in Doctor Who: Legacy are based on Ramone, including Hydroflax with Ramone's head, which is used as both an ally and an enemy.
  • While Nardole was reassembled after his head was retrieved from Hydroflax's body, it was never mentioned whether the same was done for Ramone.
  • In the short story Ramone's Story, released as part of the official Doctor Who: Lockdown! event in November 2020, Ramone's body was revealed to have survived his decapitation and later went on to become the founder of the Order of the Headless. The story saw Ramone ally the Order with the Papal Mainframe so that he could be present at the Battle of Demons Run and reunite with River. It later becomes clear that Ramone was actually only interested in retrieving River's vortex manipulator, which she had received from Dorium Maldovar, as he planned to use it in order to track down an older version of a member of his order (who is hinted to have been Captain Jack Harkness).

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