DI Ralph Finch was a cruel and sadistic inspector who hunted category ones and had them moved to the modules. He searched Gwen Cooper's house to find her category one father, Geraint Cooper, who was hiding behind a wooden wall. After a full-scale search of the house, Ralph gave up and departed. Later, he launched a surprise search on the house, and caught Rhys emerging from the cupboard where the removable wall was hidden. Using a new app on his iPhone (a thermal imaging camera), he discovered the hiding place, and had police officers send Geraint to the modules to be incinerated, despite Gwen begging him not to. His men prevented Geraint's wife Mary Cooper from entering the household as he performed the seizure. As Geraint was taken away, Finch handed her a release form and emptily told her he was sorry for her loss, leaving Mary emotionally ruined. (TV: The Gathering)

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