Ralph Baker was a boy who lived in Wales in the early 20th century. His aunt was Clara Morgan and his cousins were Tommy and Mary Morgan.

Every school day, Ralph and his cousins walked to school with several other children. They found the walk to school far more interesting than school itself, and Ralph and Tommy were well-known to skip school on occasion.

One day they encountered the Eighth Doctor, who was running away from Mr Wesley of the mill. The Doctor was looking for a crash-landed alien, a Velderon, and Ralph and Tommy decided to help him.

They found one alien, and rescued it from its craft in the bog. The Doctor explained that there was another alien somewhere, and that the Velderons reacted badly to water. When it started to rain, the Doctor and Tommy left Ralph to care for the injured Velderon while they searched for the other.

The Velderon was wrapped in the Doctor's jacket, but its feet were exposed. Ralph covered its feet with his scarf. He took it to a safe place to hide and wait, and while waiting he ate his lunch, offering the Velderon his cheese sandwich.

When the others returned, the Doctor had Ralph and Tommy take the injured Velderon to the TARDIS in the mill, while the Doctor distracted Mr Wesley. As the Doctor prepared to leave in the TARDIS, the Velderon gave Ralph his scarf back.

After the Doctor and the Velderon left, Ralph and Tommy went home, as it was too late to go to school. Clara tried to scold them, but when they told her their story she could only smile. (PROSE: Far from Home)

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