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Raine Creevy (born 7 November 1967) was a companion of the Seventh Doctor and travelled with Ace. She was a safecracker from 1989.


Early life[]

Raine was born in 1967 to Markus Creevy and Raina Kerenskaya, with the Seventh Doctor acting as her obstetrician. (AUDIO: Thin Ice)

At school, Raine learnt to fence and could fly a helicopter. The Doctor always remembered her birthday and ensured she had presents every year whilst she was growing up. (AUDIO: Crime of the Century) As a child, she holidayed on the Red Sea and learnt to scuba-dive.

Raine studied at King's College in London. She had wished to study at a campus university in the country but her parents wanted to keep an eye on her. (AUDIO: Animal)

By the age of 22, Raine had become an experienced safe-cracker. She had also grown estranged from her father, upset with the way she felt he had treated her mother before her death. (AUDIO: Crime of the Century)

Meeting the Doctor[]

Raine met the Seventh Doctor on 13 October 1989 at a garden party, where he was hiding in a safe. Thanks to the stories told to her by her parents, she knew all about him, although still had a hard time believing it all at first. She was also forced to work with her father for the first time in several years, and thanks to the Doctor's efforts, the two of them began repairing their relationship. Together they defeated the Metatraxi, and during the adventure Raine and the Doctor forged a friendship, which prompted her to accept his invitation to travel with him. (AUDIO: Crime of the Century)

Travels with the Doctor[]

Raine's first journey with the Doctor and Ace was to Margrave University in 2001 where, with Brigadier Bambera and UNIT, they defeated a Numlock plot. While at first Ace and Raine did not get along, they soon put aside their differences when they realised they had more in common than they realised. However, her curiosity about the future lead her to discover that by this point, her father had died. Upset by the revelation, she decided to stay in Margrave for a short time, and the Doctor and Ace left without her, promising to come back to pick her up in a week's time. (AUDIO: Animal)

Determined to find out the truth about her father's death, Raine journeyed to Johannesburg to retrieve some documents left to her that had fallen into the possession of someone else. While attempting to steal them from a safe in a hotel, she was kidnapped by the Metatraxi and placed inside the safe with a life support unit that slowed her metabolism. The safe was stashed aboard the starship Vancouver, as part of a plot by the Metatraxi to get revenge on the Doctor. The Vancouver was assigned to guard a vast shipment of grain from Earth to the planet Safenesthome, where onboard, the Doctor was posing as the ship's medical officer, and Ace as its captain. They discovered her quite by accident, but after freeing her, she helped them defeat the Metatraxi, as well as a species called Grubs, a brother-race of the Metatraxi, that were devouring the grain for themselves. Once that situation was resolved, she continued travelling with Ace and the Doctor. (AUDIO: Earth Aid)

While she left the Doctor's company at some point, she rejoined him as a companion much later in his personal timeline, while Ace was on Gallifrey. She met Dr Elizabeth Klein. (AUDIO: Dominion)

Klein asked after Raine after encountering the Doctor travelling on his own. He answered by saying "she's... elsewhere". (AUDIO: Persuasion)


Raine. (AUDIO: Crime of the Century)

Raine believed that she had an innate ability to read people. She did not like people that she termed "cocky smartarses", whilst noting that she was closely related to some. Raine had a habit of speaking about things she shouldn't, like how she accidentally revealed to Klein her alternate origins. (AUDIO: Dominion)

Behind the scenes[]

  • A character named Raine Cunningham was intended for a companion of the Seventh Doctor following Ace's departure in the unmade Season 27 of Doctor Who (which would have aired in 1990 had the series not been cancelled). A feature in DWM 255 gave the character the name Kate Tollinger, but according to an interview with script editor Andrew Cartmel in DWM 433, the character was always intended to be named Raine. The character was revived in the second season of Big Finish Productions' The Lost Stories, which followed the stories intended for Season 27. However the character has been renamed Raine Creevy, as Cartmel had since discovered someone named Raine Cunningham existed in real life.