Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first of the Indiana Jones films. Donna and Blake watched the film on VHS at their house. (PROSE: Remain in Light) The plot of the film involved Nazis looking for an ancient artefact. Andy Hansen quoted dialogue from the film several times in Hollywood, 1940. (PROSE: The Egyptian Falcon)

Behind the scenes Edit

Paul Freeman played the main antagonist in the film.

Director Toby Haynes played back a musical cue from Raiders of the Lost Ark while recording a scene from The Pandorica Opens to better guide his actors' movements. This music was then removed from the soundtrack of Pandorica, leaving his actors invisibly paced to a certain tempo.

The use of flambeaux in the cavernous "under Henge" in the episode was also directly inspired by the teaser to Raiders. (CON: Alien Abduction)

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