The Radio Times Doctor Who Collectors' Edition was a special one-off magazine offered by the Radio Times via mail-order in January 2010.

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A fully illustrated collection of cover shoot and Radio Times exclusive photographs covering the Doctor Who series (2005 - 2009 The End of Time).

Publisher's Summary Edit

Collector's edition packed with exclusive photographs.

Contents Edit

With a foreword written by Russell T Davies, this single volume presented, following transmission order, comprehensive coverage of Radio Times support for 'Doctor Who' since its return to television in 2005. Each story was accompanied by original transmission dates, writer and director credits, comment and outline along with a 5-star rating.

Notes Edit

  • The back cover showing the first publicity picture of the Eleventh Doctor in costume with sonic screwdriver, has the caption beneath it "Spring 2010. The Journey Continues"

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Publication history Edit

  • This limited Collectors Edition softback-only title was not available in shops, and ordered direct priced £6.99 (UK). Titles to carry advertising included; Radio Times, Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, and the Mirror newspaper.

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