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Radio Times (30 August – 5 September 1980)

Radio Times (13 – 19 September 1980)

  • BROADCAST OF:The Leisure Hive: Part Three
  • Backstage 'John Craven's Back Page' feature on Tom Baker's ageing make-up (quarter page)

Radio Times (25 – 31 October 1980)


Radio Times (31 January – 6 February 1981)

Radio Times (31 October – 6 November 1981)


Radio Times (2 - 8 January 1982)

  • BROADCAST OF: Castrovalva
  • New Who Peter Davison, everybody's other favourite vet, the bespectacled Brian in Sink or Swim, is the new Doctor Who. Renate Kohler meets 30-year old actor as he prepares to step into the Tardis and delight yet another generation.” (one full colour page)


Radio Times (19-25 November 1983)

  • BROADCAST OF: The Five Doctors
  • COVER TAG: "Who's Who? Doctor Who's twentieth anniversary is celebrated by 'The Five Doctors' who again face their enemy The Master in a special feature-length story on BBC1. Inside: companions in space...a Who Who's Who"
  • Celebratory cover promoting the 20th Anniversary adventure The Five Doctors.
  • With a cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter, this is only the second Doctor Who illustrated cover for Radio Times, the first being the cover by Frank Bellamy in 1972.
  • This particular issue was hit by a printers strike that meant a reduced number of copies were available and indeed some regions received no issue. The quality of the reproductions (including the internal line drawings), suffered as well.
  • For his cover work, Andrew Skilleter was invited to the Radio Times Cover Party this year where he received a framed cover.
  • The cover illustration was later reworked (the Richard Hurndall likeness was improved), and used again for the first video release to not feature a photographic montage.
  • Interestingly Sylvester McCoy also appears in this issue in an article for 'Eureka' (a series about inventors and inventions) as does Simon Gipps-Kent (Seth in The Horns of Nimon).
  • On Monday 21 November Blue Peter has a special 'Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!' edition.


Radio Times (4 – 10 February 1984)

Radio Times (17 - 23 March 1984)


Radio Times (12 January 1985)

Radio Times (2 February 1985)

  • BROADCAST OF: The Mark of the Rani
  • Who goes back with the Master 'John Craven's Back Page' has a feature on filming The Mark of the Rani at Blists Hill open-air museum at Ironbridge Gorge and the Master's return. (half page feature and full colour page picture with the Master, the Rani and the Sixth Doctor.

Radio Times (6 September 1985)

Radio Times (6 September 1985)


Radio Times (1-7 November 1986)


Radio Times (5-11 September 1987)

Radio Times (3-9 October 1987)

Radio Times (21-27 November 1987)

  • BROADCAST OF: Dragonfire
  • Doctor, doctor ... “Travelling through time and relative dimensions in space, Doctor Who this week begins his 150th intergalactic adventure. Patrick Mulkern plays the regeneration game” full page feature over two pages profiling the earlier Sixth Doctor's with story numbers accredited to each and Sylvestor McCoy from story 147.


Radio Times (1–7 October 1988)

  • BROADCAST OF: Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Unexterminated! “Those evil, heartless, cruel, diabolical Daleks and back – and the latest Doctor Who is rather pleased about it! John Davies finds you can't keep a bad monster down.” This feature looks at the Daleks return in their 18th story, launching the new season and is not relegated to the back pages (one page full colour).


Radio Times (2-8 September 1989)

  • BROADCAST OF: Battlefield
  • Monster bash “Ace in a frock? Doctor Who's tomboy assistant has even more surprises up her sleeve in store. Sophie Aldred tells all...” previewing the new season and also her return to a new series of Corners (half page B&W)

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