Radio Times is a weekly United Kingdom BBC magazine that publishes television and radio program listings.

1970 Edit

Radio Times (3-9 January 1970)

  • BROADCAST OF: Spearhead from Space: Episode 1
  • COVER TAG: Who? Jon Pertwee, That's Dr. Who cover
  • Jon Pertwee is interviewed, revealing the family holidays in Ibizza, where his children "run around like a lot of wild little nudists, babbling in three languages."(half page)

Radio Times (31-January – 6 February 1970)

Radio Times (9-15 May 1970)

  • BROADCAST OF: Inferno: Episode 1
  • Dr. Who's Who Who Deidre Macdonald looks at the series production in colour (four page)

Radio Times (13-19 June 1970)

  • BROADCAST OF: Inferno: Episode 6
  • Radio Times Favourite No. 4 : Jon Pertwee – Dr. Who colour promotion (one page)

1971 Edit

Radio Times (2nd-9th January 1971)

  • BROADCAST OF: Terror of the Autons: Episode 1
  • Dr. Who v. The Master Giles Poole introduces Roger Delgado as the Master Preview feature (half page)
  • Introducing the Master, actor Roger Delgado rebuffs the suggestion that his character might become too light-hearted: "I don't think that'll happen. I remember starting 16 years ago in midday matinees. Once I was faced with the unbelievable line, 'Come in and put your feet up on the Algerian poof.' If you can handle that you can handle anything."

Radio Times (13-19 March 1971)

Radio Times (10-16 April 1971)

Radio Times (29 May - 4 June 1971)

1972 Edit

Radio Times (1-7 January 1972)

  • BROADCAST OF: Day of the Daleks: Episode One
  • COVER TAG: The Daleks are Back! with cover by Frank Bellamy
  • Write Your Own Dr.Who Adventure article and competition promotion (one page)

Radio Times (8-14 January 1972)

Radio Times (29 January – 4 February 1973 )

Four small portrait illustrations for this story were provided by Frank Bellamy.

Radio Times (26 February – 3 March 1972)

Five small portrait illustrations for this story were provided by Frank Bellamy.

Radio Times (08-14 April 1972 )

Radio Times (30 December 1972 – 5 January 1973)

Radio Times (15-21 December 1973)

  • BROADCAST OF: The Time Warrior: Part One
  • COVER TAG: Who's Your Friend?
  • Who's Who Among Who's Friends colour feature where guests give their views on the series, promotional feature for (two page)

1973 Edit

Radio Times (from 27 January – 1 February 1973)

Radio Times (from 24 February 1973)

Radio Times (from 7 April 1973)

Radio Times (from 19 May 1973 )

Radio Times (15th - 21st December 1973)

  • With actor Jon Pertwee appearing on Michael Parkinson's Saturday night chat show, a Radio Times feature looks at the Doctor's popular appeal.
  • Barry Letts replies to a reader (Brenda Hoyle), who says that her son is petrified by the Doctor Who theme tune by saying, "To produce programmes which upset or offend nobody at all is the surest way of killing all the excitement of television."

1975 Edit

Radio Times (from 25 January 1975)

Radio Times (8-14 March 1975)

Radio Times (30 August – 5 September 1975)

1976 Edit

Radio Times (31 January 1976)

Radio Times (4 -10 September 1976)

1978 Edit

Radio Times (2 – 8 September 1978)

1979 Edit

Radio Times (1-7 September 1979)

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