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Radio Times is a weekly BBC magazine that publishes radio and television programme listing

It also sporadically published original Doctor Who fiction, beginning in 1964 with the Christmas short story Barbara in Wonderland (which, contrary to expectations, did not star Barbara Wright, but did however feature the First Doctor and two Daleks). Other notable Radio Times DWU-related works included the first crossover between Doctor Who and another series (in the form of the 1965 comic strip Pugwash Ahoy!), the special Dalek short story We are the Daleks! in 1973, and the 20th anniversary short story Birth of a Renegade (1983). In the 1990s it even published a reasonably long-running serialised Eighth Doctor comic strip.

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Cover gallery[]

Special publications[]

  • A digitally cleaned up reproduction (complete with cover price) of the 10th Anniversary Special was released in the 40th Anniversary year exclusively from Radio Times.


  • A series of fourteen Radio Times Doctor Who Covers (up to and including Doctor Who The Movie was given away with an Eighth Doctor poster promotion)

Radio Times posters[]



  • Daleks at Westminster
A1(84 x 59.4cm) size, double sided poster featuring the Daleks crossing Westminster Bridge (a recreation of the iconic 1964 image of when the Daleks invaded Earth)on one side and,
on the reverse;
  • Daleks (2005)
Shown are three chunkier 2005-style Daleks


  • Cybermen at St Paul's Cathedral
Photograph: Matt Holyoak / Ian McKinnell
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Director: Paul Smith
Picture Editor: Patricia Taylor
  • Radio Times has produced an exclusive double-sided poster recreating the terrifying moment when the Cybermen marched by St Paul's cathedral. (Nowadays, the area is at one end of the Millennium Bridge), on one side and a black Dalek on the reverse. The poster measures 59x84cm and required two tokens and postage of £2.95 (UK)

On the reverse;

  • Black Dalek
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Art Director: Paul Smith
Picture Editor: Patricia Taylor
  • Picture shows a black Dalek


  • Heroes
Photograph: Mike Hogan
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Design and Art Direction: Paul Smith
This long narrow poster shows is the Tenth Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack Harkness standing to the left in a TARDIS interior panoramic shot.

On the reverse;

  • Monsters
Photo: Mark Harrison
Design and Art: Paul Smith
This long narrow poster shows Weeping Angels, a Dalek, Dalek Sec Hybrid (centre) Scarecrows and Juddoon.


  • The Next Doctor
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Directon: Paul Smith
A Christmas poster offer to readers offered both Walace and Gromit and Doctor Who The Next Doctor double-sided posters
One side a graveyard shot of Mercy Hartigan (centre) with both 'Doctors' on either side and the Cybermen in the background.

On the reverse;

  • Cybermen 2008
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Directon: Paul Smith
This poster shows three Cybermen from The Next Doctor including the new Cyber Leader.


  • Davros

On the reverse;

  • Supreme Dalek


  • Tenth Doctor
Exclusive Photograph: David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Image Manipulation: Stuart Manning
Art Directon: Paul Smith

On the reverse;

  • The Doctor and Companions
Exclusive Photograph: David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor with companions Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)
Photograph: Mike Hogan
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Directon: Paul Smith


  • TARDIS 2010 3D Poster
Exclusive Photograph: The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond inside the TARDIS
  • Daleks 2010 3D Poster
Exclusive Photograph: Featuring the new Daleks on Westminster Bridge with spitfires in the skies.


A pretend Radio Times article promoting Daughter of the Gods, published in VOR 128.

  • Besides giving cast and broadcast details for broadcast material on both TV and radio, the Radio Times is also significant in terms of Doctor Who for including related articles and features. The number of cover issues reflects its popularity and standing with the BBC and has never been stronger since the new Doctor Who launch in 2005, with the series on a few occasions featured multiple times over the course of only a few weeks (for example near the end of 2009).
  • No television series have had more covers than Doctor Who.
  • Doctor Who covers are the most collectible Radio Times covers.
  • Each of Jon Pertwee's seasons as the Third Doctor were heralded by a Radio Times cover.
  • Tom Baker never had a Radio Times cover during his era, although he did later appear on a retrospective cover.
  • Radio Times offered to feature the Cybermen in a front cover and accompanying article to mark the start of Earthshock, but producer John Nathan-Turner turned this down as he was keen to preserve the surprise of their reappearance.
  • Vortex magazine #128 featured a pretend render of a Radio Times article celebrating "Five years of Doctor Who". This was done by Big Finish Productions to promote the release of Daughter of the Gods, which was envisioned as a "five-year anniversary special", the Radio Times image adding to the feeling of authenticity.

Radio Times Covers Party[]

Radio Times holds its own annual Radio Times Covers Party, a prestigious event where cover stars are awarded framed covers, since the 2005 relaunch the Doctor Who team have been the recipients of more covers than any other series on TV.

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