A radar technician was a member of the personnel at the Snowcap Tracking Station when the First Doctor, Polly Wright and Ben Jackson visited it.

He was ordered by Barclay to get a fix on Mondas and informed General Cutler of the position of Zeus IV. After the Cybermen's first visit to the station, he detected hundreds of their spaceships flying in formation. He gave Barclay an update on the readiness of the Z-Bomb and informed him and Cutler of a second Cybership heading for the South Pole, observing the battle between its crew and the base security personnel.

He attempted to alert Cutler to the arrival of another Cybership but Cutler was too preoccupied with the loss of contact with and presumed death of his son Terry to pay attention. He later drew everyone's attention to Mondas' destruction and witnessed the disintegration of the Cybermen. (TV: The Tenth Planet)