Rachel Edwards was a journalist who reported on Matt Nelson's Presidential campaign for the Sunday Herald. She also ran the blog

Before she worked for the Sunday Herald, she wrote a column in the New Progressive magazine, but she lost the job when they cut the page count. While she worked there, some "creepy blokes" started following her and sending her pictures of their genitalia. One of them sent her photoshopped pictures of her decapitated head with his penis in her mouth.

While she was shadowing the Nelson campaign, she started discovering strange emails on her computer that warned or threatened her about other girls near the campaign her age that had died, including Louise Perry and Joanne Nyman. Rachel tried finding the source of these emails, but they appeared to come from her own account. At the same time, Dave Larsen began leaving her voicemails about the pattern of dead girls. He tried to warn her once, but she threatened to call the police and he ran away.

After this, Rachel's friend Janine Hanning died, convincing Rachel that Dave was right about a serial killer inside the campaign. However, when she told the Sunday Herald editor John Lyman about her suspicions, he told her to focus on the campaign, so she quit the job to work full-time on researching the murders, promising to send them to the FBI after returning to London.

Rachel was bisexual. At one point, she met the girl of her dreams in a bar and went back to her room, but the Shift overwrote it because "the author's really no good at sex scenes." (PROSE: Head of State)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Rachel would later appear in a 10,000 Dawns crossover story, Rachel Survived. However, this wiki considers the story invalid.

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