Rachel Allan worked at Torchwood One in 2005 as personal assistant to Tommy Pierce, Head of Alien Acquisitions and as director after framing Yvonne Hartman.


Rachel claimed to have achieved ten GCSEs (most of which were C and above), three A-levels (with one in Media studies) and a City and Guilds. She was close to her father, who told her about planets and outer space.

Rachel caught Torchwood One's attention with her blog blaming terrorists for the recent alien incursions. She was hired as personal assistant to Tommy Pierce, Head of Alien Acquisitions, and befriended and later entered into a relationship with Ianto Jones. She sabotaged a meeting with an alien and sowed discord among Torchwood with rumours and claiming that she had been retconned, having Patrick fired. She framed Tommy for negligence and had him suspended, meaning that she took his job as Head of Department, and killed Dean by sabotaging a transmat. She took charge of the situation and was made director of Torchwood One by Pippa whilst Yvonne disappeared. She called Yvonne and told her what she had done, telling her that she was coming for her. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Rachel set to rebuilding Torchwood and planned to wage war with the natives of Planet XXX. She used Protocol 4 to assign Kieran Frost to assassinate Yvonne and had Torchwood train in warfare. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins)

Yvonne eventually exposed Rachel and was reinstated as director whilst Rachel was retconned of her Torchwood career. (AUDIO: Uprising)

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