Rachel Allan worked at Torchwood One in 2005 as personal assistant to Tommy Pierce, Head of Alien Acquisitions and as director after framing Yvonne Hartman. Following Yvonne's reinstatement and Rachel's retconning, she worked in admin.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Rachel lived in Hebden Bridge. (AUDIO: Uprising) She claimed to have achieved ten GCSEs (most of which were C and above), three A-levels (with one in Media studies) and a City and Guilds. She was close to her father, Howard Allan, who told her about planets and outer space. (AUDIO: New Girl) He was a bystander in an attack by the XXX in 1993 and died. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins) This caused her to go "off the rails a bit" and spent a night in jail. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Rachel hated the XXX because of their role in her father's death and began planning to take over the Torchwood Institute and wage war against them. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins) She worked as a personal assistant at Hadwin and Bennett and started a blog which covered up alien incursions, blaming them on terrorists with the aim of getting Torchwood's attention. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Torchwood takeover Edit

Torchwood One found Rachel investigating aliens in the remains of a department store. She was hired as personal assistant to Tommy Pierce, Head of Alien Acquisitions, and befriended and later entered into a relationship with Ianto Jones. She sabotaged a meeting with an alien and sowed discord among Torchwood with rumours and claiming that she had been retconned, having Patrick fired.

She framed Tommy by spiking his coffee and planting retcon on him, resulting in him being fired. She was given his job as Head of Department and killed Dean by sabotaging the Royal Hope transmat and blaming it on Yvonne. She took charge of the situation and was made director of Torchwood One by Pippa whilst Yvonne disappeared. She called Yvonne and told her what she had done, telling her that she was coming for her. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Rachel set to rebuilding Torchwood and planned to wage war with the natives of Planet XXX, having Torchwood train in warfare on Away Days. Yvonne called her to taunt her with her knowledge of Planet XXX. She used Protocol 4 to have Kieran Frost assassinate Yvonne and had him kill Lord Jim Jacobin, blaming it on Yvonne. She shrugged off Pippa's death and insisted that such sacrifices would be necessary in the upcoming interplanetary war. Yvonne called her and told her that she knew about her father's death. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins)

Ianto was angry with Rachel following the Away Day and was not especially grateful when she promoted him from researcher to junior field agent. After a month as director, Rachel had Torchwood running as she wanted and had re-hired Tommy. Ianto broke up with her. She sent Julius to assassinate Yvonne, but he was unsuccessful. Rachel eventually told Ianto all about her father's death and why she was targeting the XXX before making him retcon himself. She raised the threat level above orange but not quite to red.

When Lord Miladar attacked Torchwood Tower, Rachel was given the ultimatum of talking to him or having the tower destroyed. Rachel refused to speak to him and had Tommy fire at will upon them. They were unsuccessful and Rachel was left out of her depth, meaning that Yvonne was easily able to take back control. Afterwards, Yvonne spiked her and had her retconned to forget everything about Torchwood and to believe that she was an orphan.

Later career Edit

Later, Rachel arrived at Torchwood Tower for her job interview. Ianto showed her to her office in administration. She was in charge of stationery and the like. She was friends with Ianto and Lisa and thought that Yvonne was the nicest of them all. (AUDIO: Uprising)

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