Race Memory was an audio story published by BBV Productions. It was written by Paul Ebbs.

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" .. and when it was morning, the east wind brought the locusts..." - Exodus 10:13

It is a time of restoration.

Ten millennia have passed since the solar flares devastated the planet Earth and now humanity has come home to reclaim and rebuild.

But scientists at Mombassa Station are about to resurrect a deadly menace that was once destroyed. A menace that will stretch from the depths of the African continent, to the ancient and decaying Nerva Beacon still orbiting high above.

Can a small group of Gene-techs hope to survive the rush of Race Memory?

And in the game of Genetic Engineering, does evolution still hold one last, secret card?

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  • According to Sarah, it has been approximately one hundred years since the human survivors left the Beacon and returned to Earth.
  • Nerva's solar generators haven't worked in fifty years, resulting in both the Beacon's abandonment and power shortages on Earth.

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