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Doctor Who-related Radio Times comic strip were published on several occasions. The earliest was Pugwash Ahoy!, a 1965 crossover between Doctor Who and Captain Pugwash. This was followed up six years later with Doctor Who in "Colony in Space", an adaptation of the first few minutes of TV: Colony in Space.

Later, a series of five comic stories featuring the Eighth Doctor ran in Radio Times for forty-two issues starting the week after the so-called TV movie was first broadcast on BBC1, making these the first-ever appearance of the Eighth Doctor in a non-television medium, as well as the second-ever appearance of the Eighth Doctor in any medium.

Production details[]

The were scripted by Gary Russell with art by Lee Sullivan, colours by Alan Craddock and lettering by Elitta Fell.

The stories were ended early due to a change of management at the Radio Times. Originally they were planned to last for 60 issues with the fifth story to have the title Deceptions. Instead, Coda was produced to tie up dangling plot elements, rather abruptly.


In terms of continuity, these take place in the one year gap between The Eight Doctors and Vampire Science. The strips also introduced two new companions, Stacy Townsend and Ssard, who would both later appear in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Placebo Effect, a sequel to the comic strips.

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