RMS, originally short for Revelatory Majesty Sphere and later Roger's Magic Sphere, was a planet in the Amazolian system which was colonised by the Plume Coteries in the posthuman era. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

The Coteries donated RMS to Roger's family as part of a peace treaty after accidentally desolating the Rogers' homeworld. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms, A Farewell to R.M.S.) The Coteries left behind several tiny structures.

In the build-up to the War in Heaven, the Great Houses planted a vast base in a field on RMS. They bought the planet after negotiations with Roger and the Bookkeepers. (PROSE: A Farewell to R.M.S.) During the War, the Enemy attacked the base to obtain the "Greater Key" and a conceptual predator was unleashed. The predator ended the conflict and made both the Enemy and the Houses forget about RMS. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms) While most Labyrinth access-points were shut down by the Houses, (AUDIO: A Labyrinth of Histories) the access-point on RMS remained open. Wade, Nezf, Tabrenilsodvoravitas, and a Shift used it during the Armistice to get to the Houses base and try to steal to "Greater Key". When the thieves faced trouble with the conceptual predator, Wade was forced to use the "Key" to destroy RMS so that the predator couldn't escape.

There weren't any records of RMS on the Needle. (PROSE: A Farewell to Arms)

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