The Quire were a clan of posthuman scholars from the far future. They were a gestalt, each individual being an aspect of the whole clan. (PROSE: Future Relations) They contacted the Braxiatel Collection and asked to study it. A group of six, Dorso, Verso, Bifolium, Incunabula, Colophon and Rubric were sent to spend time at the Collection. They reached it using a time corridor. (PROSE: Work in Progress)

They could detach their eyes and hands. Bernice Summerfield spent a night getting drunk with Verso, who showed Bernice this ability. (PROSE: Anightintheninthage)

The Collector's Guild took an interest in the Quire, wanting to taste the biomass of a species from the future. Bev Tarrant tricked the Guild into eating a sentient poison and ended the threat to the Quire. (PROSE: The Cost for a Collection)

After they left, Benny thought that they might be her descendants. (PROSE: Nursery Politics)

Like other human-descended groups, the Quire were resurrected in the City of the Saved. The Quire family acted as Pope Beatrix II's strategists during the City of the Saved Civil War. Their identity was a guarded secret and they were represented by Curialis. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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