The Quill Goddess was worshipped by the Quill. However, a thousand years before Miss Quill's time, they lost faith in her when, as Miss Quill explained, they realised that the only thing protecting the Quill was the Quill themselves.

While on a quest to get supplies, Miss Quill, Dorothea Ames and a shapeshifter called Ballon, travelled using a metaphysical engine and appeared at the site of the Quill Goddess' birth. It was believed that the Goddess rose from the underworld and burst out of the first Quill nest.

When the Goddess had broken free of the nest she attacked the trio. While attempting to strangle Miss Quill the Goddess had a moment where she seemed to sympathise with her. However, just before the Goddess could speak she was stabbed repeatedly in the back by Ballon.

Her head was later removed and used during Quill's surgery. (TV: The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did)

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