Quick Reads is a literacy organisation which works with book publishers to provide low-cost, low-page count books to encourage people to read. A major focus of their outreach are adult readers who need to improve their literacy skills. BBC Books is one of the non-profit's partners. Beginning in 2006, this relationship produced original Doctor Who fiction.

During the David Tennant years, one Tenth Doctor Quick Reads novella was released each year, including the "transition" year of 2010. No Quick Reads were issued in 2011, but the series resumed in 2012 with the Eleventh Doctor, but was discontinued after the 2013 release (though non-Doctor Who Quick Reads novellas continue to be published).

The 2007 release Made of Steel was notable for being the first piece of original fiction based upon the revival series to be written by Terrance Dicks, a script editor and writer for the original TV series, as well as a prolific writer of Doctor Who prose fiction. The novella was also published a month before the episode Smith and Jones was first broadcast, thus making it the first appearance of companion Martha Jones.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Tenth Doctor[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Featuring Published
1 I Am a Dalek Gareth Roberts Rose, Dalek 18 May 2006
2 Made of Steel Terrance Dicks Martha, Cybermen 1 March 2007
3 Revenge of the Judoon Terrance Dicks Martha, Judoon 28 February 2008
4 The Sontaran Games Jacqueline Rayner Sontarans, Rutan Host 26 February 2009
5 Code of the Krillitanes Justin Richards Krillitanes 4 March 2010

Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Featuring Published
1 Magic of the Angels Jacqueline Rayner Amy, Rory, Weeping Angels 2 February 2012
2 The Silurian Gift Mike Tucker Silurians, Myrka, Sea Devils 7 February 2013

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • From Made of Steel onwards, the Quick Reads price label was printed directly onto the front cover as opposed to being the peel-off sticker used for I Am a Dalek. Cover proofs exist of Made of Steel and Code of the Krillitanes which do not have the printed Quick Reads price label.
  • Donna Noble is the only regular televised companion of the Tenth Doctor to not appear in a Doctor Who Quick Reads novella. Likewise, Clara Oswald was the only Eleventh Doctor televised companion to not be featured in the line.
  • The Quick Reads price label on the front covers of Magic of the Angels and The Silurian Gift indicated that the organisation was supported by Galaxy, the highly popular milk chocolate brand made and marketed by Mars Incorporated.

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Tenth Doctor[edit | edit source]

Eleventh Doctor[edit | edit source]

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