The Quevvils were a porcupine-like species at war with the Mantodeans.

History[edit | edit source]

They used humans to invade the Mantodean base. They could use their quills as offensive weapons. They kidnapped the Ninth Doctor and forced him to control Rose Tyler when they took control of her. However, the Doctor managed to escape and take over their control system briefly. Using it, he was able to guide Rose to players controlled by Mickey Smith and his friends from Earth and deactivate the part of their control disk through Rose with the sonic screwdriver that made them unable to leave Mantodean base without dying. The Doctor led Rose into the heart of the Mantodean base while Mickey and his friends led their "players" to outside the Quevvil control room and waited.

Once Rose was in position, all but two Quvevvil technicians prepared to teleport to the Mantodean base seconds after activating Rose's disruptor. However, the Doctor had timed things so that when they were in mid-teleport, the other "players" controlled by Mickey and his friends broke into the control room, their own disruptors shutting down the Quevvils' technology. As the Quevvils were in mid-teleport, they were all atomized by this, killing them. The remaining two quickly surrendered and the Doctor was able to use their teleport link to Earth, which was on a separate circuit and unaffected by the disruptors, to send their surviving victims home. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)

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