You may be looking for Quences.

In a parallel universe, Quences was the Doctor's great-granduncle. He was Ordinal General, which he claimed was "traditional".

The Doctor was kept a prisoner in a forgotten part of the Capitol, with Badger as his keeper. Quences was dead, but had transferred his consciousness to Badger. The Doctor was kept as a recluse for centuries while his family grew up around him. Quences had believed that the Doctor was to become Lord President of the Supreme Council of the Time Lords and was the key to the highest table and the corridors of power. However when Susan arrived to find him, it became clear that it was she, not the Doctor, who was going to be President. Susan recognised Quences for what he was, "Auld Mortality", an official whose function was to remind all Presidents that their power was fleeting and the only certainty was death. Susan banished him at her inauguration, and he was destroyed when Badger's positronic brain was destroyed by Captain Surus, one of the Doctor's fictional creations. (AUDIO: Auld Morality)

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