Quencessetianobayolocaturgrathadadeyyilungbarrowmas (or Quences for short) was Ordinal-General of the Brotherhood of Kithricians and the 422nd Kithriarch of the House of Lungbarrow. Throughout his life, the House of Lungbarrow produced only servants and petty clerks.


He was Loomed into the House of Lungbarrow, probably before the new generation of cousins were loomed. This made him of the older generation. He was a very proud individual and was regarded by the rest of his family as stuffy, stuck-up, senile, and unhelpful. The First Doctor was Quences' favourite of the family. When the Doctor was Loomed, Quences took his genetic template to the Matricians, who predicted that he would be the most influential Time Lord since Rassilon. Quences requested that the Doctor be educated at the Academy, with the option of becoming a Time Lord. This request was granted. Quences was said to have doted on him. Quences even gave the Doctor Badger, an Avatroid from the Ava system when he was young, and was proud of how clever the Doctor was. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

During the Doctor's time at the Academy, Quences requested that he returned home to celebrate Otherstide and his name day. He sent Badger to collect the Doctor from the Academy. The Doctor refused to return, rejecting his wishes for him to become like every other Time Lord who studied the galaxy. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

Though Quences doted on the Doctor, it was he who made the final decision to disown him. He was led into this decision by the Housekeeper Satthralope when the Doctor announced his wishes to become a doctor, rather than try to become the first of the family ever appointed Lord Cardinal. Quences later regretted this decision. When it came time for him to die for the last time (at more than seven thousand years old) he refused to read his will until all of the family, including the disowned Doctor, were present. He insisted on this because he intended to name the Doctor his successor as Kithriarch. Glospin, who had wanted to be named the next Kithriarch, and who had a personal grudge against the Doctor, murdered Quences, hoping to subvert Quences' will. This led to the House of Lungbarrow and its family being buried and never forgotten. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

Parallel universe[]

In a parallel universe, Quences was the Doctor's great-granduncle. (AUDIO: Auld Mortality)