Quantum-locking was a defence mechanism used by the Weeping Angels. When observed by any living creature (even other Weeping Angels), the Weeping Angels turned to stone, making them resistant to harm. When they weren't being observed, the Weeping Angels could move. Weeping Angels could also turn to stone at will, or when they believed they were being observed. (TV: Flesh and Stone) However, if the Weeping Angels stared at each other they would turn to stone permanently, leaving them trapped until they died from starvation. (TV: Blink)

Others species were also capable of quantum-locking. The Medusa used it to leave people frozen in time, in order to feed on their life energy. (COMIC: Gaze of the Medusa)

Behind the scenes Edit

The quantum-locking mechanism is similar to the so-called quantum Zeno effect, a situation in which an unstable particle, if observed continuously, will never decay forming another particle. For example, the observation can "freeze" an unstable atomic nucleus, preventing the emission of particles or radiation. In other words, a uranium atom can decay only when people are not looking.

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