Quagga — formally known as Equus quagga quagga —were a sub-species of zebra. Unlike their cousins' black-and white colouration, quagga had, according to the Tenth Doctor, a "chestnut brown colour with white stripes". Also, the stripes were not uniform over their bodies; they were "only striped on the head and part of the body".

Quagga died out because settlers in southern Africa were trying to protect their grazing land for cattle. Humans did not understand that quagga were a unique species, and didn't recognise they had exterminated them until it was too late. The last quagga, save for the one in the Museum of the Last Ones, perished in Amsterdam Zoo in 1883. By the late 21st century, there were twenty-three stuffed quaggas in museums around the world.

The quagga was worth 200 points in the I-Spyder Book of Earth Creatures. The last one was kept in the Museum of the Last Ones. Unfortunately, the last quagga was stolen by Frank, who sold the skin for profit. (PROSE: The Last Dodo)

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