Qqaba, Polyphilos or the Star of Jarta was a Q star which contained tremendous potential energy because of its axial spin. (PROSE: The Scrolls of Rassilon, COMIC: Star Death) It was the star that Omega and Rassilon detonated with the Hand of Omega to create the black hole to enable time travel for their species. (COMIC: Star Death, TV: Remembrance of the Daleks) It was located 9.6 light-years from Gallifrey in the constellation of Ao, in the Veil Nebula, (PROSE: Lungbarrow) in an area known as the Sector of Forgotten Souls. (AUDIO: Omega)

It was later known as Omega's Star until the Inner Circle renamed it Rassilon's Star. (AUDIO: Zagreus)

In one universe, Qqaba was the last of the Population III stars. (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)

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