During the War in Heaven, Qixotl held an auction for the Relic which was attended by representatives of various War-time powers. The auction was held in the Unthinkable City on Earth in 2069. The planet was chosen so that humans could attend.

The participants in the auction were Homunculette and Marie, representing the Time Lords from several centuries later in the War; a Shift, representing the enemy; Justine and Manjuele, representing Faction Paradox; Kathleen Bregman and Joseph Armitage Kortez, representing UNISYC; Trask, representing the Celestis; E-Kobalt, representing the Krotons; and the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones. Qixotl had originally invited the Daleks instead of Krotons, but the Krotons overpowered the Dalek representatives and took their place. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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