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Pythagoras was an Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician. (PROSE: Empire of Death)


Pythagoras travelled to Egypt and lived there for ten years. He was tutored in geometry, philosophy, and metempsychosis by Oenuphis. The Pharaoh taught him to speak Egyptian. He studied with the priests in Thebes and was the only foreigner granted the privilege of taking part in their worship.

He also travelled to Babylon, where he learned from the Persian magi. He was trained by the Hindu sages in India and learned from the Iberians and Celts. (PROSE: The Pythagoras Problem)

The Doctor met him before their fourth incarnation. (AUDIO: The Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

The Fourth Doctor recalled Pythagoras as a lovely fellow who was good at billiards. (COMIC: Gaze of the Medusa) Though the Fourth Doctor thought him a brilliant man, he noted that "He thought beans were evil!" (AUDIO: The Labyrinth of Buda Castle)

Pythagoras established a Pythagorean commune in Crotone, Italy. He married one of his female students and had a daughter called Myia, who married Milo. (PROSE: The Pythagoras Problem)

The Thirteenth Doctor claimed to have borrowed some sunglasses from either Pythagoras or Audrey Hepburn. According to the Doctor, he wore shades when he was drunk. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

According to the Eighth Doctor, when a student of Pythagoras suggested to him that the square root of two is not a rational number, Pythagoras ordered to drown him. (PROSE: Option Lock)

Pythagoras was burned to death in his school. (PROSE: Option Lock)

Philosophical beliefs[]

Pythagoras believed in metempsychosis, i.e., transmigration of the soul, also known as reincarnation. (PROSE: Empire of Death)

Scientific achievements[]

Pythagoras was the first to discover that maths is the basis of science. (PROSE: Option Lock)

Pythagoras proved that the Earth revolved around the the sun 19 centuries before Copernicus. (COMIC: Gaze of the Medusa)

By plucking a string, he discovered that the relation of a note to its overtones is always a fraction. (PROSE: The Algebra of Ice)

Pythagoras proved a theorem that determined properties of a hypotenuse. (PROSE: Byzantium!)

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the Brazillian dubbing of The Ghost Monument, Audrey Hepburn and Pythagoras were changed for Carmen Miranda and Palmirinha, respectively.