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A pyramid was a three-dimensional structure composed of four or five sides composed of (usually) triangular shapes.

The great pyramids of Egypt of Earth, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan et al) were well known to other races.

Mummy pyramid

A pyramid-shaped Osiran war missile. (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

One splinter of Scaroth claimed to have caused the pyramids to be built, (TV: City of Death) though the Doctor was sceptical of this claim. (PROSE: A History of Humankind) The Osirans also influenced the building of the pyramids, and other pyramids were definitely constructed by 'aliens'. (TV: Pyramids of Mars, PROSE: Dead Romance) Osiran war missiles were pyramid-shaped and used "pyramid power". (TV: Pyramids of Mars)

Khepren supervised the construction of a pyramid. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

The Exxilons influenced not only the Egyptian, but also the Aztec pyramids during their visits to Earth. (PROSE: The Left-Handed Hummingbird)

Anubian spacecraft had a pyramid shape. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

In a timeline where all of history was happening at once, Area 52 was housed inside a pyramid. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

The Rings of Akhaten also had a pyramid, a holy site for the Sun-singers of Akhet, seven planets orbiting the same star, all of them sharing the belief that life in the universe originated on that pyramid. In it was a mummy. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

The Monks came to Earth in a pyramid from where they could manipulate their simulated worlds. (TV: The Pyramid at the End of the World)

References Edit

The Great Intelligence used a three-sided pyramid constructed from Yeti control spheres as its physical form, though it truly had no physical form, (TV: The Abominable Snowmen) and it used such a geometry for a machine able to absorb the Doctor's mind. (TV: The Web of Fear)

When showing Adric the chameleon circuit of his TARDIS, the Fourth Doctor demonstrated that he could disguise the TARDIS as a pyramid, including a door so they could get in and out. (TV: Logopolis)

The Rani's TARDIS on Lakertya was disguised as a pink pyramid. (TV: Time and the Rani)

Peri Brown reminds the Sixth Doctor that their TARDIS had also materialized as a pyramid once, "on the frozen plans of Ewa Nine". (TV: Vengeance on Varos)

The Eleventh Doctor took Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew to visit the pyramids of Egypt on one of the Christmases he and Kazran visited Abigail. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Sarah Jane Smith sabotaged a NASA probe from discovering a pyramid on Mars. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)

In 1977, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart investigated an Inca pyramid in South America. (AUDIO: The Cloisters of Terror)

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