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The Puzzle Book was published by Magnet Books, the paperback division of Methuen Children's Books.

Publisher's summary Edit

Pit your wits against the Doctor and his assistant, Peri, in this space-age super-quiz. They are out to puzzle you with inter-planetary posers, mindbenders, brainteasers and mysteries.

So switch on — and all systems go!

This is the fifth Dr Who Quiz Book by Michael Holt who has written over 100 books, mostly for children. He has also appeared on his own "Mathemagical" show on BBC Television.

Subject matter Edit

  • A series of self-contained puzzles each with a prose narration and featuring the Doctor and Peri (and for some K9 !)

Notable features Edit

  • As did previous titles from Magnet Books, this title featured the current Doctor on the cover. This time around, after a space of two years, it was the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. This is actually one of the only books published during Baker's tenure to actually show his face (the Target novelisations do not).
  • Illustrations were provided by Roger Wade Walker.

Illustrations Edit

This title was illustrated throughout with 8 full page illustrations by Roger Wade Walker

  • Page 78 - Its the Daleks of course!

Notes Edit

  • This title was released priced £1.50 (UK)
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