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Purity was the second story in the I, Davros series released by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary[]

"We are Kaleds. We are more than a match for weak, tattered, crippled relics of the war."

Now approaching his thirtieth year, Davros is trying to get out of the Kaled military and into the Scientific Corps, determined to use his mind to create new ways to let the Kaled race survive the never-ending war with the Thals. But first, he must undertake a mission into Thal territory. A mission that will introduce him to technology and hardware he could only dream of. And it just might teach him a few life lessons too.

But however dangerous the Thal City might be, that is nothing compared to the scarred relics that inhabit the Wastelands... Wastelands that Davros and his team have to cross twice...


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  • The Supremo is the leader of the Kaled people.
  • Davros is a member of the Military Elite.
  • Lady Calcula is a member of the Council of Twelve.
  • Yarvell has become a peace activist. She regards Davros as "a dangerous psychopath."
  • There is an ancient city north of the Kaled City that has evidence of Thals and Kaleds living together and even mating with each other in the distant past.
  • In Colonel Nasgard's will, the family finances are held in trust under Davros' name and his wife and daughter are forbidden access to it until Davros is married.
  • Prior to entering the Wastelands, Reston had never seen the stars.
  • Skaro has two moons: Falkus and Omega Mysterium.
  • Davros encounters some Varga plants in the Wastelands and meets his old tutor Magrantine, whom he thought long dead.
  • Aside from the Kaleds and the Thals, two other sentient humanoid races, the Tharons and the Dals, evolved on Skaro. However, both were extinct by the time of the Thousand Year War as a result of a programme of genocide orchestrated by the Kaleds.



  • Varga plants first appeared on screen in TV: Mission to the Unknown.
  • The Supremo refers to the destruction of the Education Centre by the Thals and the supposed death of Magrantine fourteen years earlier. (AUDIO: Innocence)
  • Shortly after his stepfather's death, Davros joined the Military Youth before joining the Military Corps in his final year of college. (AUDIO: Innocence)
  • Davros and Reston discuss the fact that the Mutos engage in cannibalism. (AUDIO: Davros)
  • The mutated Magrantine sarcastically refers to Davros as "my boy," as he had done when he was his tutor fourteen years earlier. (AUDIO: Innocence)
  • Davros talks about creating a mollusc that could be genetically engineered into a weapon. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

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