Punting was the fifth short story in The Target Storybook.

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While punting in Cambridge, the Doctor and Romana are attacked by a time scoop; their attempt to escape backfires, and they become trapped inside a warping field within the Time Vortex. As the two friends try using a section of the scoop to free themselves, they see glimpses of the Doctor’s other selves in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. Unfortunately, the Doctor and Romana’s meddling corrupts time, but luckily for them the infection is quickly dealt with by Vortex-dwelling creatures called the Mederi. Once events on Gallifrey have reached a conclusion, the Doctor and Romana are returned to their proper time and place on Earth.

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References Edit

  • Cleopatra gave the Doctor a special blue coin with a hole in it as a thank you for something unspecified.

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Continuity Edit

  • Taking evasive action, before being hit by the black obelisk, Romana turns the gramophone on the obelisk, hitting it with and ultrasonic frequency and causing it to become more like a transparent, spinning frock. (HOMEVID: The Five Doctors Special Edition)
  • Trying to break out of the vortex, the Doctor and Romana drop in to view the Inner Council's meeting with the Master, the First Doctor enjoying a piece of pineapple, the Second Doctor and the Brigadier fighting off a Yeti, and Sarah throwing a large rock at the advancing Cybermen. (TV: The Five Doctors)
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