The Punjab was a region in both India and Pakistan. (TV: Demons of the Punjab) It included the city of Lahore. (AUDIO: Fallout)

Punjabi was a language spoken in this area. (TV: Demons of the Punjab, AUDIO: Fallout)

Prem believed that Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs once lived in peace in regions like the Punjab. However, the Partition of India divided the Punjab across religious lines and conflict ensued. Hindu and Muslim intermarriage, such as the case of Prem and Umbreen, led to both prejudice and violence.

The Thirteenth Doctor and her companions Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan, and Graham O'Brien visited the Punjab in 1947 at the beginning of the partition, when Pakistan's independence was announced on the radio. The Thijarians also visited the Punjab during this time, knowing of the countless unseen deaths that would take place in the coming days. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

In Foxgrove, 1951, Mrs King assumed that Rani Chandra was from the Punjab. (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith)

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