A pulsar was a spinning neutron star, a star that exploded, leaving the stellar core that exerted an incredible gravitaional force. They could be smaller than a city, but would have five times the mass of the sun. A pulsar spun around very fast while its poles emitted powerful beams of energy in the form of flowing magnetic lines, (AUDIO: Shadow of Death) radio waves, gamma rays and X-rays. Their rotation slowed by a millionth of a millisecond a day if they were surrounded by thick stellar gas clouds. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

The radio telescope near Crook Marsham was mainly concerned with detecting pulsars, which had only recently been discovered as of 1968. (PROSE: Nightshade)

While trying to find Vo'lach Prime, Sergei Guildhall could not find any pulsars on Vo'lach star maps to use for comparison with his star maps. When Bernice Summerfield asked him how long it would take for the pulsars the Vo'lach mapped to slow down enough to be undetectable, he calculated it would be ten to fifteen million years. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

In 2724, the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot visited a planet which was orbiting a pulsar. (AUDIO: Shadow of Death)

The twin pulsars of Rexel were visible from Olleril until light pollution from Empire City made the stars invisible. (PROSE: Tragedy Day)

Barron created a pulsar emitting the coordinates of Marlowe's World and set it on a collision course with the Braxiatel Collection. This was to lure Bernice Summerfield to Marlowe's World and use her as part of his ongoing quest for Enlightenment. When she was successful, she used the power of Enlightenment to unmake the pulsar. (AUDIO: The Heart's Desire)

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