Publius was a planet colonised by humans during the time of the Second Galactic Empire. It was left to survive for itself after the empire collapsed.

Astronomical data Edit

Publius' surface was desolate and rocky, with small farming villages.

Known geographic features Edit

  • The Forbidden Valley

History Edit

Colonisation Edit

The planet was colonised by humans during the time of the Second Galactic Empire. The planet's leader was Bemar, who during the trip to the planet, mysteriously deposed the planned leaders of the planet one by one ,till she seized the position.

When the Second Galactic Empire had collapsed, the planet became isolated. (COMIC: Plague World)

Plague and arrival of the Doctor Edit

An insectoid race known as the Druden had secretly set up a lair in a valley located near the village, which was named the Forbidden Valley. It was they whom Bemar obeyed and their objective was to infect the humans with a plague. The bodies of those who died from it would be fed to the Druden young. The first part of their plan was to infect the remaining population. One human named Auctor, who thought he had escaped, was infected with the disease. When he returned to the village for help, he spread the infection, which tspread among the villagers, except for Bemar, whom the Druden gave an antidote.

When the Fourth Doctor, Adric and K9 arrived in the village, the place seemed deserted. However all the people were having an assembly in one of the buildings arguing with Bemar about the trouble, including the mysterious deaths and disappearances. During the argument, Adric spoke out. Bemar accused him, the Doctor and K9 to be the cause of the plague

The Doctor quickly deactivated K9 and escaped with help from Kidson, one of the villagers. Kidson showed him the lair where the Druden were hiding and before they teleported to the village as part of their plan, the Doctor activated K9. K9 used his photon beams on Bemar, destroying the transmitter to teleport them whilst Kidson flew his Strato-Cruiser into the cave, sacrificing himself and killing all the Druden in a massive explosion, burying them under rock. The planet again prospered. Everyone who was infected was given the antidote by K9, who manufactured more. The Doctor, Adric and K9 departed in the TARDIS. (COMIC: Plague World)

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