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Psychokinetic was a Kapteynian with psychic powers.

It had been placed in a cryogenic pod for transport by the Caxtarid slave trader Te Yene Rana. When the pod was lost in 16th century Japan, Rana tried to retrieve it.

While in the pod, Psychokinetic's frozen brain functioned four thousand times faster than normal, vastly increasing his powers. He was able to draw Penelope Gate's time machine to him. He resurrected Kame several times so he would continue to protect the pod and the village it was in, as well as healing villagers and making their crops grow better.

The daimyos Umemi and Gufuu Kocho were fighting over territory, but when they learned about the mysterious pod, they both thought it could be a weapon and tried to obtain it. When Psychokinetic finally was released from the pod, his powers returned to normal and Gufuu (the surviving daimyo) lost interest. It was believed that his time in the pod may have had permanent side effects, even increasing his abilities, but this was never revealed. (PROSE: The Room With No Doors)

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