A psychic field or telepathic field was created by the conscious or unconscious manipulation of psychic energy.

A TARDIS generated a low intensity telepathic field. (TV: Image of the Fendahl)

The Archangel Network emitted a low-level psychic field that hypnotised humans to convince all of them that the Master was Harold Saxon. (TV: Last of the Time Lords)

The Tenza child George used a massive psychic field and a perfect perception filter to convince Alex and Claire he was their son. (TV: Night Terrors)

The Sixth Doctor detected a secondary psychic field somewhere near Athens, Greece. (AUDIO: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor)

The Ood communicated with one another through a low-level telepathic field. Ood that were enslaved by humans made little use of it and were "basically a herd race, like cattle". The human masters of the Ood monitored this field to tell if anything was "wrong with them"; Danny Bartock said, "They're so stupid; they don't even tell us when they're ill." When the Beast took over this field, the field was at Basic 100 and the Ood became part of the Beast's legion. (TV: The Impossible Planet) When Danny broadcasted a "flare" in the field, reducing it to Basic 0, a "brainstorm" was created, disrupting the field. (TV: The Satan Pit)

Gabby Gonzalez shorted out the psychic field used by a Cerebravore to attack her and the Tenth Doctor by showing the human host his reflection in the mirror. (COMIC: Revolutions of Terror)

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