The Psychic Circus, also called the Psychic Fair and more popularly known as the Greatest Show in the Galaxy, was a travelling show circa the 35th century (AUDIO: Paradise 5) founded by a group of hippies. The circus visited Othrys, the Boriatic Wastes, Marpesia and the grand pagoda on Cinethon.

While on Segonax, it was taken over by the Gods of Ragnarok, who used it to fill their craving for entertainment. When the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived on Segonax, they helped Kingpin and Mags defeat the Gods. Afterwards, Mags decided to stay with Kingpin to help rebuild the circus. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

Known members of the Circus included Juniper Berry (AUDIO: The Psychic Circus) Bellboy, the chief clown, Kingpin (aka Deadbeat), Flowerchild, Morgana, the Ringmaster, the robot clowns and Dumbo. (TV: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy)

When Carde had been elected as the president of Vulpana, he paid a visit to the moon of Domusalba, where he intended to take control of the Psychic Circus only to be halted by the Seventh Doctor. (COMIC: Hill of Beans)

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