Psionic paper was a paper that was created by the Paparians.

Psionic paper could create an artificial reality based on the information written on the page. Whatever the writer wrote down came to life. The paper originated from the planet Paparia and was used as a form of popular entertainment by the Paparians. Once the Paparians started writing on the paper they could not stop. They lost themselves in their fantasies and all died. The stories stopped unfinished. Then, some of the paper came to Earth and were turned into a journal[by whom?]. At first Gregory P. Wilkinson was writing his books on the paper and then Rani Chandra wrote on them. The villains of the books came to life. Then the villains started to control the writers and made them write what they wanted.

Sarah Jane Smith and her team stopped the villains and brought them back to the fictional world. They then burned the paper. (AUDIO: Wraith World)

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