Pry was the loba leader of the resistance against the cult of the Good Doctor and the Temple of Tordos. He was in love with Mariya, a human. Their alliance was strictly prohibited by the temple. Despite this, they loved each other and had a daughter Jaya who also was part of the rebellion.

When caught in the street without his "master" and put into a prison, Pry met Yasmin Khan there. Mariya led the rebels in an assault of the prison to free him, and they took Yaz with them.

Pry agreed to provide resources to save the Thirteenth Doctor from a death match against the monstrous Tromos. However, when Mariya was mortally wounded during the successful rescue, his grief led him to try and bring the building of the Temple of Tordos on the heads of everyone who would be near, innocent casualties notwithstanding. Only with the greatest difficulty did Yaz managed to talk him out of it. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

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