Prubert Gastridge was an actor born in 1400.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He played Captain Hook in the theatre and once voiced Zagreus in an interactive cartoon. After he played space hero Zap Daniel, Prubert played Vargo, king of the Buzzardmen, a role he was typecast in.

After many years of unemployment, Gastridge was hired to be a false god on planets to force them into a type of culture which would make them destroy themselves. This would remove them from the protection of Galactic Heritage. His employers would then buy the planets.

After that, Gastridge entered a stasis program. He woke every ninety-one years to see if he was remembered and to attend fan conventions of his movies. Gastridge met several of his descendants, but as time progressed, his family died out, leaving no-one to visit him.

The Eighth Doctor and Charlton Mackerel woke Gastridge in 2004 to question him on his career as a god. Ceccecs attacked Gastridge, Mackerel and the Doctor, forcing them to flee. They went to Minuea, one of the worlds where Gastridge had posed as god. Gastridge found that his name hadn't been passed down properly and he had become known as "Poobar Gasidge".

Gastridge discovered that it was a terrorist known as Martin who had hired him to play a god. After chasing Martin to Gadrahadradon with the Doctor, Gastridge threw himself at Martin. He was shot, but disarmed Martin before dying. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Prubert Gastridge's mannerisms and typecasting are based on those of Brian Blessed, with Zap Daniel and his famous role as King of the Buzzardmen being references to Blessed's role as king of the Hawkmen in Flash Gordon.

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