The Proximan Chain was composed of space stations and planetary settlements connected by instantaneous matter transport technology. In effect, it was one environment strewn over a string of varied locations. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

The Doctor found the crew of the Schirron Dream wandering through the Proximan Chain Rafts. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

Activities on the border between legal and illegal could be found there easily. Bernice Summerfield got her Mary-Sue there. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

One of the All-High Gods escaped from quarantine on Dellah and went to the Proximan Chain. It was found there by Benny and Stratum Seven Agent and killed. (PROSE: Return to the Fractured Planet)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Proximan Chain has appeared in several of Dave Stone's works, including PROSE: Ship of Fools, PROSE: Oblivion, PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion, PROSE: Return to the Fractured Planet and AUDIO: The Green-Eyed Monsters.

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