Proto-Daleks were robotic versions of Daleks used by Daleks of the New Dalek Paradigm as part of the Dalek Project. A British Dalek was created by Lord Hellcombe who showed it to his guests to hope it could win the war. The Eleventh Doctor was worried about what purpose the robot had. This Dalek recognised him as the enemy of the Daleks and tried to kill him and Edward Anderson. But they escaped and stairs prevented the Proto-Dalek from pursuing them. In a German factory. German versions of Proto-Daleks were created. Three of these Daleks were activated and attempted to kill the Doctor and his companions. But they escaped on a submarine, which made these Daleks unable to follow them because they were made using primitive technology. British Proto-Daleks' mass production began when the Hellcombe Factory was automated. And the German Proto-Daleks' production began. The British And German robots were ordered to turn on the humans to eradicate all evidence of Dalek intervention. Hellcombe sacrificed himself to destroy the German Proto-Dalek factory. The Doctor changed the British Proto-Daleks so they recognised true Daleks as enemies. This aided the combined armies to destroy the true Daleks. All these Daleks were destroyed by artillery barrage along with Daleks. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)


British and German Proto-Daleks were armed with machine guns in place of Dalek gunsticks and had the same manipulator arms like the drones of the New Dalek Paradigm. The light indicators of the British Proto-Daleks were shaped in domes like the Daleks who fought the Dalek-Movellan War. The German Daleks' indicator lights were larger than their British counterparts and the colours were orange. The robot shells contained no Dalek mutants which made the robot Daleks more robotic. The British Proto-Daleks had each panel three hemispheres opposing the German Daleks' skirt which had each panel 4 hexagonal heads in place of 4 globes. The gravity lens on both different Proto-Daleks were replaced with caterpillar tracks. The solar panels were replaced with bands for the British Daleks. The German Daleks had slats with a German logo in the middle front of their casing. The British Proto-Daleks had two neck rings on the upper part of their shells. The eyestalks were much bigger than normal Daleks and glowed blue. they were impervious to bullets. Despite be claimed to withstand a mortar, grenade and light artillery barrage, a German soldier destroyed a German Proto-Dalek with a hand grenade and artilleries and shell bombardment destroys several Proto-Daleks [source needed]

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