The Propheetis were a war-hungry and ruthless species believed to have been destroyed in the battle of the Cran Movement. Some survived however, and on a relaxing jungle planet it appeared they had found a new direction. They made huge advances in technology that created artificial limbs which had a mind of their own. Unfortunately for the Propheetis their new limbs refused to fight. The Eleventh Doctor "assisted" the Propheetis by convincing the limbs to fight but the result was that the limbs turned against the bodies to which they were attached. With the Doctor's intention to have them knock some sense into themselves and change their ways. (COMIC: New and Improved)

The Doctor's plan didn't seem to work for long because the Propheetis hatched a plan to take over the Earth. At the centre of its attack was to be a replica of the Taj Mahal (which had been purchased from a bad Branceerian). The landmark was converted to be their biggest weapon and was to be used once it had replaced the original and the Propheetis were ready. However, the Doctor set off all the weapons while the replica was still on the Hollow Moon of Artenture. (COMIC: Terror in the Taj Mahal)

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